This is the home page of SIPTA (Society for Imprecise Probability: Theories and Applications).

Here you can find information about the conferences and the schools that the Society organizes.

We also provide some sources for information about imprecise probabilities mantained by SIPTA.

A description of the Society, its aims, articles and executive committee is reported, too.

  • The 10th Workshop on Principles and Methods of Statistical Inference with Interval Probability (WPMSIIP) will take place in Compiegne, France, from the 11 to 15 September 2017. It will be collocated witht he second workshop on uncertainty in machine learning.

  • The 10th ISIPTA conference will take place in Lugano from the 10th to the 14th July 2017, and will be collocated with the ECSQARU conference. The submission deadline for both conference is the 21th of February 2017

  • The 7th SIPTA summer school and 9th Workshop on Principles and Methods of Statistical Inference with Interval Probability (WPMSIIP) were both held in Durham.

  • The SIPTA Blog is now online! The blog is edited by our Executive Editor. Everyone in the SIPTA Community can contribute! Please contact the Executive Editor if you are interested in doing so. We see it as an electronic continuation of the Newsletter, so do not hesitate to send us contributions (reports on meetings, book or recent literature reviews, interviews, software presentations,...) or request an account in case you would like to make regular posts.

New Papers in Imprecise Probability
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  • Combining Second-Order Belief Distributions with Qualitative Statements in Decision Analysis (pdf)
  • Characterization of a coherent upper conditional prevision as the Choquet integral with respect to its associated Hausdorff outer measure (pdf)
  • Notes on desirability and conditional lower previsions (pdf)
  • Belief functions combination without the assumption of independence of the information sources (pdf)
  • Likelihood-based inference for probabilistic graphical models: Some preliminary results (pdf)
  • Exchangeable lower previsions (pdf)
  • Imprecise Probabilities based on Generalized Intervals for System Reliability Assessment (pdf)
  • Bounding Uncertainty in Civil Engineering (pdf)
  • Building knowledge-based systems by credal networks: a tutorial (pdf)
  • Representing uncertainty on set-valued variables using belief functions (pdf)
  • Conditional models: coherence and inference through sequences of joint mass functions (pdf)
  • A study of Bayesian approximations of belief functions in the probability simplex (pdf)
  • Three alternative combinatorial formulations of the theory of evidence (pdf)
  • The geometry of consonant belief functions: simplicial complexes of possibility measures (pdf)
  • A consonant approximation of the product of independent consonant random sets (pdf)
  • Bayesian Estimation with Uncertain Parameters of Probability Density Functions (pdf)
  • State Estimation with Sets of Densities considering Stochastic and Systematic Errors (pdf)
  • Nonlinear Bayesian Estimation with Convex Sets of Probability Densities (pdf)
  • Reliable hidden Markov model filtering through coherent lower previsions (pdf)
  • Multiple model tracking by imprecise Markov trees (pdf)

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